Crossing Tracks Radio Show hosted by Suzi on Monday 5th December at 10pm on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM, on digital radio and on-line

To listen live on-line go to  from 10pm South Australian time.

Part 1:

A STEREO MCS special tonight on part one of Crossing Tracks to celebrate the release of the new album Emperor’s Nightingale in Australia

Emperor's Nightingale STEREO MCS

You can listen to tracks off Emperor’s Nightingale and read news about the band on their website:

Featuring an interview with STEREO MCS Rob Birch, tracks off the album and a journey through some of the band’s influences and hits.


1. Connected / Stereo MC’s / Connected

2. Deep Down and Dirty / Stereo MC’s / Deep Down & Dirty

3. Boy (feat. Jamie Cullum) / Stereo MC’s / Emperor’s Nightingale

4. Desert Song / Stereo MC’s / Emperor’s Nightingale

5. These Are The Days / Jamie Cullum / Twenty something

6. Angels / Deekline And Wizard / Angels

7. Slave to the Rhythm / Grace Jones / Slave to the Rhythm

8. She Makes Me Wanna Die / Tricky – Stereo MC’s / Replacement Killers

9. Brain (Stereo MC’s Remix) / Jungle Brothers / Brain Remixes

10. Elevate My Mind / Stereo MC’s / Retroactive

Part 2:


1. Freedom / Nostalgia 77 / The Ubiquity Sampler

2. The Unnameable / Get the Blessing / Bugs in Amber

3. Flawless / Shad & Frank Dukes / The New North

4. Seventy Four / Martyn / Great Lengths

5. Car Song (feat. Santigold) / Spank Rock / Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a F***ing Liar (Clean)

6. Jupiter Mission / Beta Hector / Sunbeam Insulin

7. Muddled Morning Feat. Rizzle / Hint / Driven From Distraction

8. Concrete Waves (DJ Premier 320 Remix) / Kendra Morris / Concrete Waves Digital Single

9. Life Comes In Threes f/ Rasheeda Ali (Prod. by J-Live) / J-Live / S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability (Clean/Radio)

10. Into The Night / Azari & 111 / Azari & 111

11. Spitfire / Barakas / Tru Thoughts 10th Anniversary [Disc 3]

12. Antiphon / Hidden Orchestra / Night Walks


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