Crossing Tracks Radio Show hosted by Suzi at 10pm – 4th July on Radio Adelaide, on digital radio, on-line and 101.5FM

Part 1:

Celebrating National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week on Crossing Tracks.

Here are some great classic, old and new tracks from superb Australian Indigenous artists – Enjoy!

Play List

*1. My Island Home / Kyarna Cruz / Young, Black and Deadly Vol. 2

*2. Black Fella White Fella / Warumpi Band / Making Waves Golden Blak Trax

*3. Line of Mankind / Gimbirra / Download available from AirIt (

*4. Wiya! Angela Pamela / Super Raelene Brothers / Download available from AirIt (

*5. Shadow of the Boomerang / Jimmy Little / Buried Country” The Story of Aboriginal Country Music

*6. Dingo / Dan Sultan / Get Out While You Can

Dan Sultan - Get Out While You Can

*7. Country Blues / Adam James / Making Waves

*8. Comin’ Home / Kev Carmody / Home – A Collection of Songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

*9. Tomorrow’s Another Day / Krista Pav / Making Waves

Singer Songwriter - Krista Pav

*10. River Song / Stiff Gins / Wind & Water

*11. Simplify / Zennith / Home – A Collection of Songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

*12. Pass It On (Drew ID Remix) / Dubmarine /Home – A Collection of Songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

*13. Little Flowers / Marla / Red Sand Culture Vol. 1

*14. Drum Sticks / Kintore Kids / Western Desert Mob: Funky sounds from Kintore and Papunya

*15. Firestorm / Street Warriors / Unstoppable Force

Street Warriors - Unstoppable Force

*= Australian Artists

Part 2:

Moving into Trip Hop, Dubstep and dirty Blues for the second part of the show.


1. Reflection / Tricky / Reflection

2. Witness Dub / Roots Manuva / Dub Come Save Me

3. Little White Doves (Penquin Prison Remix) / Little White Doves (Part 1)

4. Person to Person / Average White Band / Brothers on the Slide: The Story of UK Funk

5. Test of Time Instrumental / Animal Farm Feat. Talib Kweli (Produced by Gen.Erick) / Culture Shock

*6. Imaginist (Main) / Space Invadas / BBE – Best of 2010

7. Mr DJ (B-Boy Version) / DJ Format / Mr. DJ

8. That’s Not It (Clean) / Jasmine Solano / That’s Not It EP

9. She Makes Me Wanna Die / Tricky & Stereo MCs / Replacement Killers

*10. Streetlights / Kira Puru & The Bruise / The Liar

*11. Vacate The Premises / Barrel House / Species Vagabond

Click on the link below to hear an interview I did with Barrel House front man Dwaine Cameron (guitar/vocals), which first went to air on Crossing Tracks on 6th June 2011.

Barrel House interview 

Species Vagabond by Barrel House

12. Hammerhead / Little Axe / Bought for a Dollar – Sold for a Dime

13. 23rd and Stout (Album) / Chuck E. Weiss / 23rd and Stout

14. Kill Bill Theme (1) / Hotei Tomoyasu / Kill Bill Soundtrack

*= Australian Artists

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