Crossing Tracks Radio Show hosted by Suzi at 10pm Monday 25 October 2010 on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM or live on-line at

This week’s show starts with Australian Hip-Hop Artists that featured in the recent Ubud Writer’s Festival   (

*1. I Can (feat. Radical Son) / The Last Kinection

*2. Light Upon Light / The Brothahood / Lyrics of Mass Destruction

*3. What We See / Omar Musa / World Goes To Pieces

And then moves into some classic Spoken Word and R&B

4. Me And The Devil / Gil Scot-Heron / I’m New Here

5. Urban Music / Sekou Sundiata / Longstoryshort

6. Woodshed Walk / The Last Poets / Freedom Express

7. Better By The Pound / Me’Shell Ndegeocello / Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape

8. Wild Night Cleaning Windows / Van Morrison / Best of Van Morrison

9. Jena / John Mellencamp / Life, Death, Love, and Freedom

10. Brown Skin / India.Arie / Acoustic Soul

11. Judgement Day / Ms Dynamite / Judgement Days

12. Broken Silence (feat. The Reelists) / So Solid Crew / 2nd Verse

*13. If The World Goes To Pieces / Omar Musa / World Goes To Pieces

*= Australian Artists


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