Crossing Tracks 12 July 2010 – 10pm – Hosted by Suzi on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM and live on-line at

After a fabulous week of NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) celebrations Crossing Tracks plays a set of old and new tracks from Indigenous artists Australia wide.

1. Its a Beautiful Day / Kineman Karma

2. Black and Deadly / The Last Kinnection / TLK

3. Music / Brothablack / More Than A Feeling

4. Disco Kids / Kintore Kids / Western Desert Mob: Funky Sounds of Kintore and Papunya

5. Face My Music (feat. Sista Native) / Wire MC / Making Waves Hip Hop

6. Story Tellin’ / Radical Son / Making Waves

7. Lonesome Tears / Dan Sultan / Homemade Biscuits

8. The Way I made You Feel / Jimmy Little / Messenger

9. Swept Away / Shellie Morris / Aboriginal Soul

10. Lonely / Emma Donovan / Emma Donovan Whichway EP

11. Feel So Bad / Marlene Cummins / Marlene Cummins Whichway EP

12. Djammarkuli (Durrurrnga Mix) / Djammarkuli / Dunganda Street Sounds

13. Bradley and Frankies Track / Bradley and Frankie / Western Desert Mob: Funky Sounds From Kintore and Papunya

14.Get Out / Gambirra / The Unknown

15. Black Boy / Coloured Stone / Making Waves Golden Blak Trax

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