Crossing Tracks – 3rd May 2010 – Radio Adelaide 101.5FM 10pm – Hosted by Suzi Hutchings

This week’s show travels through Hip-Hop, Electronica and Drum & Bass

1. *Computer Love / TZU / Computer Love

2. Chance Dub / Cobblestone Jazz / The Modern Deep Left Quartet

3. *Lay of The Land / No Zu / Lay of The Land

4. *Come Back / Sietta / The Come Back Easy Play

5. Find Your Particular Space In Time / Marc Floyd / Somewhere In Detroit Mix Series Vol.1

6. Thought 1 / Underground Resistance / Interstellar Fugitives

7. Knights of The / DJ Rolando / Somewhere In Detroit Mix Series Vol.1

8. Reanimator / Meat Beat Manifesto / Armed Audio Warfare (Remastered)

9. Who Told You / Roni Size / In The Mode

10. Between A Rock and A Hard Place / Public Enemy / How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?

11. *What Can I Do? / MonkeyMarc / As the Market Crashed

12. *Days Like These / Combat Wombat / Unsound System

13. Psycho Girls & Psycow Boys (Haaksman & Haaksman Remix) / Solal / Ya Basta

14. Paris, Texas / Gotan Project / Lunatico

* = Australian artists.


  1. Congrats on your blog – great to have access to your prime-space track listing – this week, I was travelling down to a radioless house-sitting escapade in Yankallila for an old doll and worked out that I could get your whole show in before arriving. Due to poor calculations and major adjustments, my average speed had to be reduced to 12km/hr between Myponga and Yanka. The resulting 4 semi trailers backed up behind me, horn honking and pelting me with half drunk cans of coke was, by pommy standards, pretty intimidating; but I held my ground and managed to catch your whole show – it was worth it.

  2. Thanks for your feedback – glad my show kept you company & in good spirits on that winding track down south.

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